What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

Have you been wondering what air duct cleaning is? Do you really need one for your air duct system at home in San Jose? If you’re considering air duct cleaning San Jose services, you’ve come to the right place. 

Air duct cleaning is one of the essential cleaning services for homeowners. It cleans your entire vents, air intake, and return and supply vents using the latest air duct cleaning equipment. This process may also include cleaning the grills, registers, HVAC units, fans, and the furnace.

Air duct cleaning businesses in San Jose have a complete selection of equipment for cleaning ducts designed to clean your air ducts. Thus, they can help your air ducts produce healthier air and make you feel more comfortable within your home. So what does an air duct system do? What is the importance of having a well-maintained air duct system? We’ll talk more about it in this article.

What Does Air Duct Cleaning San Jose Do?

Air duct cleaning is the process of eliminating dirt and other contaminants from the ductwork system of a home. It includes the case for return and supply air ducts and the diffusers and registers within every room. Air cleaning San Jose experts use powerful vacuums to sweep away any dust and dirt and stop it from spreading throughout the house.

What Equipment Does Air Duct Cleaners Use?

Air duct cleaning San Jose experts use various tools – from tiny handheld devices to large-scale equipment. Furthermore, air duct cleaners likely have at minimum inspection tools like a simple mirror, a periscope, and even a CCTV camera. It helps them reach the difficult-to-access areas within the air vents. The inspection equipment is essential, especially when there is a blockage in the air duct system.

The primary cleaning tools include vacuums, brushes, and other agitation equipment. Although you could clean your air vents with an ordinary brush and a home vacuum, it’s not advisable. If you do it incorrectly, dirt and other pollutants enter your home through the air ducts. As a result, you may inhale polluted air inside your home, which may lead to the development of airborne diseases.

How Do Air Duct Cleaning Work?

Understanding how an air duct system works is essential to knowing what to expect once expert air duct cleaners come into your home. This way, you’ll understand the procedure and ensure that the job you paid for is done right.

Step 1: Examining the pipes.

It involves an easy, and visually-based inspection of the ducts connecting to the supply and return registers. This process is crucial because of two reasons. It’s the first step to determine the amount of dirt buildup inside the ducts prior to cleaning and verify the difference after having them cleaned.

The air duct cleaning San Jose expert should always come ready and equipped with cameras that allow them to go deeper into pipes and reveal the full extent of the accumulation before cleaning. Plus, all tools and cleaning equipment should always be available once the cleaning process starts.

A second reason to have an expert duct cleaning service is a chance for the technician to inspect the ductwork for leaks, flexible ducts, or kinks. Numerous duct cleaning professionals are also able to repair damaged ductwork by proper inspection.

Step 2: Create a negative pressure

Air duct cleaning San Jose experts use huge trucks, portable or even truck-mounted collection equipment to collect dirt and other debris from your ductwork. But, before starting the vacuum and scrubbing the ducts, the technicians must complete some preliminary steps.

The first step is to connect the large pipe to a duct close to the air handler, which is the heart of your HVAC unit. Next, the technician cuts an access hole into the vent, inserts the vacuum hose, and seals the area where they join the duct as tightly as possible.

Note that your HVAC system has an air supply and return sides. They are ducts that bring treated air to the rooms of your home and deliver the air back towards the air handling unit. The supply and return sides are distinct, and cleaning ducts should be carried out on both sides.

The next step is to cover each register with an adhesive cover. It is crucial because even the most robust vacuum collection device can’t be effective without a proper seal.

After that, the technician will turn on the vacuum device to create negative pressure and suck the particles in the ductwork into the cleaning equipment for collection.

Step 3. Agitate the dust

When the system operates under pressure, the technician will open every register and clean the vents one by one. One thing that differentiates a NADCA-certified contractor for duct cleaning from a fly-by-night contractor is the time they spend on each register.

Untrained technicians walk onto the next task after a short blast from an air compressor or an application of a disinfectant. However, this method is generally ineffective and typically results in dust returning to the room.

The most reputable technicians will employ rotating brushes, compressed air tools, and even simple vacuum cleaners to ensure sweeping and collecting dust into the collecting device.

Step 4. Clean the rest of the system.

NADCA suggests cleaning other HVAC components systems, too, such as the blower motor of the air handler, the evaporator coil, and the drain pan.

Cleaning these parts and cleaning or replacing the filter will enhance the quality of the air inside your home, prolong the life, and improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit. To learn more about these specific tasks, check out our tips for maintaining your home to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Step 5. Final Walk-through Inspection.

After the cleaning process, another walk-through inspection is essential to check the air conduits and ensure that no detail was missed and that the vents are cleaned thoroughly. 

How Often Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

Air dust cleaning San Jose experts suggest you clean your air ducts for at least 3 to 5 years. But for optimal results and regular maintenance, you can do it every two to three years as well.

Will Cleaning My Air Ducts Make My House Smell Better?

Air duct cleaning can make your home smell better by eliminating the foul odor stuck in the vents. Our air duct cleaning experts can assist you with clearing the exhaust vents. It will help make your home smell nicer and remove allergens from the air, which can cause many to suffer from asthma or allergies.

Can I Clean My Air Ducts Myself?

Air duct cleaning is not something you can do yourself. It requires powerful cleaning equipment, like a vacuum cleaner and rotary brushes that are not common in a garage. Plus, you need cameras to inspect the most hard-to-reach areas. A poor cleaning process could also harm the ducts and cause costly repairs.

Choose Only A Trusted Air Duct Cleaning San Jose Expert

If you want well-maintained ducts, contact only the professionals from ESI Heating and Cooling. We have many years of experience cleaning ducts in commercial and residential properties, and we’d be delighted to assist you too. 

All you need to do is contact us, make an appointment, and we’ll be there and take care of the rest. Our professional air duct cleaning San Jose services will leave your home healthier and cleaner.

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