Being a reliable HVAC company in Menlo Park,CA we pride ourselves on expertise, experience, and passion in providing excellence when it comes to tankless water heaters, ventilation, and other heating and cooling solutions for home and office.

We offer a personal approach to our clients because we understand that every HVAC problem is different. But one thing is certain – our HVAC contractors always strive to make your experience easy, pleasant, and stress-free.

From American HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance services – call or email us for inquiries or quotation pricing. Let our contractors help improve your indoor air quality at home or business establishments with the best HVAC systems for home and office.


Because of aging, regular use, or improper installation, the efficiency of your HVAC system may deteriorate over time. ESI Heating & Cooling has HVAC professionals in Menlo Park who can do expert diagnostics and repairs to determine the root of the problem. Throughout the years, we’ve seen and solved every type of heating and cooling issue. Thus, you can rely on the exact diagnosis and long-term solutions. We offer the following repair and installations for residential and business customer in Menlo Park, CA.


Rats and mice are not only a nuisance but can also cause property damage and transmit diseases.


Call us for a truly professional Debris Cleanup & Attic Cleaning. Our attic services is affordable and can help you save big.


Replacing your AC can boost comfort of your home, cut your energy bills and protect the environment. If you have a broken AC, let’s repair it with our ac service.

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If you are looking for the best HVAC company in Menlo Park – ESI Heating & Cooling got you covered. From brand new installations, repair service, and replacement to maintenance service – we have the tools and personnel to get the job done. Our HVAC contractors are certified to service any air conditioner and furnace repair and installation services. In addition, we have high-end equipment to give you the best heating installation and AC repair solutions.

It is our pleasure to help every resident and business establishment when it comes to their heating and heating and cooling problems. Our contractors have established a great reputation for providing you with top-notch repair and installation services during every phase of heating and cooling project for your home or office. Get in touch with us today to speak to an expert.


ESI Heating & Cooling has established a credible and reliable reputation because we are 100% committed to providing our customer with top-notch HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance in every home or office in Menlo Park, CA. Our HVAC contractors have built a solid reputation for offering excellent service at all stages of the process. Let’s help you with your HVAC concerns at home – from HVAC or even heating and cooling furnaces repair, installation, and maintenance service for better indoor air quality. Don’t settle for an HVAC company that has an average review score. Go for the best, choose ESI. Please call for a free quote.


Our contractors are trained and well-equipped to do HVAC repair, replace, install, and maintain your HVAC systems at home. We’ll correctly diagnose your problem and offer experienced advice. Then, with meticulous skill, we’ll repair your problem.

The experience and expertise of our repair contractors are evident in the quality of work that they provide. To keep our team growing and improving, we provide extensive training for the best HVAC services. Don’t risk your heating and cooling system just because the price is cheap. Our team will make sure the price is within your budget and that you get the greatest repair service for your home or office.


For furnace repair, tune-ups, maintenance, and installations, we have mastered the process of ensuring that your heating problems will get solved right away. With our expert repair technicians, your furnace is in good hands. Make sure that you keep warm this coming winter with the most reliable repair technicians in the Bay Area.

You might’ve searched for “furnace repair near me” and got overwhelmed by all the options out there with little to no results. Whether you need your Menlo Park furnace repaired, maintained, or replaced, make sure you get it done right with ESI Heating & Cooling today. Contact us now for estimates and pricing.


Are you concerned about the air quality in your home? The solution to your problem is our air quality solutions – ductwork installation, and duct cleaning. ESI Heating & Cooling is committed to providing you with the highest level of service and quality. We understand the value and importance of having clean air ducts at home that work properly which directly affects the health of you and your family.

This is exactly why we will always go above and beyond installation and even repair to ensure that you get the cleanest and freshest air from your duct system. Get in touch with us for details and free estimates.

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Our team of skilled professionals is committed to keeping your indoor environment comfortable year-round. Whether you need assistance with heat pump installations, water heating repairs, or plumbing services, we’ve got you covered. With years of experience serving Menlo Park, CA, and the surrounding areas, we have earned a reputation for excellence. 

Our heating and cooling specialists are dedicated to providing top-notch service that ensures your home remains cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. From fixing a malfunctioning water heater to upgrading your HVAC system, we’ve earned our stars by consistently delivering quality solutions. Your comfort is our priority, and we’re here to make every room in your home the perfect retreat. Trust HVAC Menlo Park for all your heating, cooling, and plumbing needs, and experience the difference that expertise and dedication can make.

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