What To Do When Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down?

What to do if your air conditioner breaks down? We all know how important it is to have a working air conditioner, especially here in Santa Clara! However, despite our best efforts, our AC unit can break down. In this blog post, we’ll look at signs that your air conditioner is on the fritz and what you can do about it. Our air conditioning Santa Clara experts have some tips for you.

Is Your Air Conditioner Not Working Properly? Check for These Signs!

There are a few telltale signs that your air conditioner is not working correctly. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call a professional for help. Find out if you need air conditioning replacement services.

Your AC Unit is Making Strange Noises

If you notice that your AC unit is making strange noises, this is usually a sign that something is wrong. Familiar sounds to watch out for include hissing, banging, and clicking. 

Hissing usually indicates a refrigerant leak, while banging could signify loose components or an issue with the compressor. 

Clicking usually means that there is an electrical problem. Of course, only a trained HVAC professional can diagnose the cause of the noise and provide an appropriate solution. 

Your Power Bills are Higher than Usual 

If you’ve noticed that your power bills have been higher than usual, this could be due to your air conditioner working overtime to cool your home or office. There could be several reasons for this.

A problem with the thermostat refrigerant leaks or damaged insulation is another possible cause of higher-than-normal energy bills. Once again, an HVAC professional will be able to determine the root cause of the problem and provide a lasting solution. 

The Airflow from Your Vents is Weak 

If you’ve noticed weak airflow from your vents, this could indicate that something is blocking the flow of air – such as dust and dirt build-up on the evaporator coils. Sometimes, it could also be due to a problem with the blower motor, or ductwork leaks. 

Regardless of the cause, weak airflow can make it very difficult and even dangerous to cool your home.

You See Water Around Your AC Unit 

If you see water pooling around your AC unit, there is a problem with the condensate drain line. If left unchecked, water damage can cause serious problems – not just for your AC unit but for your entire home or office! 

Contact an HVAC professional immediately if you see water around your AC unit so they can address the problem before it worsens. 

What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down?

No one wants their air conditioner to break down, especially during the hot summer. However, sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. If your air conditioner does break down, don’t panic! Here are a few tips on what you can do to get it up and running again in no time.

Tip #1: Check the Circuit Breaker

The first thing you should do if your air conditioner breaks down is to check the circuit breaker. If the breaker has to get tripped, reset it and see if that does the trick. If the breaker trips again, it may be an issue with your air conditioner. You’ll need to call a professional for help.

Tip #2: Check the Thermostat Settings

If your air conditioner is still not working after resetting the breaker, the next step is to check the thermostat settings. Ensure that the thermostat is set to “cool” and that the temperature is set lower than the current room temperature. If everything looks good on the thermostat front, it’s time to move on to tip number three.

Tip #3: Clean or Replace the Air Filter

A dirty or clogged air filter is one of the most common reasons air conditioners stop working. If this is the case, clean or replace the filter and see if that does the trick. We recommend checking and cleaning your air filter every month to prevent future issues, even if your AC unit is working fine. 


As you can see, there are quite a few signs that indicate whether or not your air conditioner is working correctly. If you notice these signs in your home or office, don’t hesitate to call an experienced Santa Clara HVAC professional for help! They will be able to quickly diagnose and solve the problem so you can get back to enjoying cool comfort all summer long!

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